Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't give me that sarcastic smile !

I know you are smiling or
even laughing at me now.

I've to admit.
I'm a fool that
I've fallen in love !

You told me once.
"You don't even know me!"

You have only seen
that side of love.
Knowing each other well
and then falling in love
or rather entering a pact of love.

But there's another side to love.

And that's why it's widely known as
'falling in love.'

But you would never know that
because you have never 'fallen in love'!


Itzme said...

I love the way u end ur write upZ. Perfect landing...
Waiting for more from u


pankaj banerjee said...

When innocence is shot, heart bleeds profusely.It tastes the like of death. God sure hangs the perpetrators.But your words barely protest without any sharp shot back
You’ve chosen an intelligently foolish retort,rather than a foolishly intelligent one.
You really make your innocence felt.

Srishti Padathiyaar said...

@ aamiyechi

It's a gr8 inspiration to see ur comment.. You can find something or the other scribbled here always.. :)

@ pankaj

I had to pay a lot for my innocence ... So I shed my skin of innocence recently.. But I guess, it's in my blood n will not leave me free... :( So I still pay for it. Its hard but I cant change.

Shaiju R said...

But you would never know that
because you have never 'fallen in love'!

ooohh...great yaar!!!!!
the powerful statement to anybody who sarcastically treat love