Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why do I dream about a future ???!!!
When there is none at all !!!

Why do I try to forget my past ???!!!
When that’s all what is left now !!!

Why do I not live in the present ???!!!
When all advise me to do so !!!

Wish someone understood
what I’m going through now …

My past attracts me like a magnet.
My present is numb like my mind.
My future is a road in the woods leading me no where !!!


mrniiiceguy said...

life has to go on with or without that someone ... ohh yeah !!!hope u treated that someone well !!!

raj kumar said...

hey you need psr e413 keyboard jus call me

Rijoola said...

hmmm feels lik reading a kamala das poem.. gud mixing of thoughts..

N J said...

That was a well written piece on your wall. Appreciate it.

Srishti Padathiyaar said...


Long time. Glad that you are back :)

That was too big a comparison.. (Though I secretly enjoyed it) :P
Thanks dear


Thank you friend. And you have a wonderful blog where I peep in sometimes! :D

Shaiju R said...

be optimistic yaaar....life is ther for u.....

aditya neelambaran said...

very touching...but try to hav some +ve thoughts tho its hard