Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm trying best to
keep myself so busy that
I've no time to think !

Still the chilled weather
is easily turning my mind cold.
So cold that I'm numb now !

Wish I could be numb forever ...
So that the tears can't flow down ...

Wish the day was over long back ...
So that I could again try and
win over time some day until I succeed !!!


Sekhar said...

good one with simple words. keep it up.

Rajeswari said...

back?So glad...:)

mrniiiceguy said...

howz this ?

When u are "Trying" to keep yourself busy ... u have no time to think ??

What has this got to do with tears ? What kind even then ?

i liked win over time part, but then again what exactly is success ???

Srishti Padathiyaar said...




After all, I couldn't stop! :P


I liked that thought.

Success in life is very relative.. Some feel they succeeded but it might not be in real. Some feel they lost but they might have succeeded in a strange way !

I dont know if you got it!
I'm sure you did. You are smart enough! ;)

Shaiju R said...

better be active more nd more so tht u wont notice the tears rolled down nd vanished but will be active only