Sunday, October 25, 2009

Somethings are too obvious.
But not so obvious, he thinks!
Why does he make it not obvious
but is very obvious in real?!

Aaahh! He thinks I'm a fool?
I obviously know to behave not
too obvious that he is clean obvious!!!

And he got upset
everytime when I asked?
Atlast I heard it from him...
The hidden 'obviousness'!!!


mrniiiceguy said...

I like the little girls sly smile ... i don’t know why i did this ... but this is what i did ... i substituted the word obvious with the word clear and tried to rewrite it in my own words ... this is what i got ...

The hidden clearness

Every time i asked, he got upset. At last i heard it from him. He thinks i am a fool? I clearly know to behave not too clearly, that he is clean clear. Why does he make it not clear, but is very clear in real. He thinks something’s are not so clear, even though they are?

Hmmmmn … now tell me what you are clear of !!!

Shaiju R said...

its obvious to live open coz its obvious tht finally u will not hav nothing in pending to reveal nd obviously be frank :)