Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I cannot afford to cry ...
I cannot even sob in the
silence of my bedroom ...

I've to be strong ...
Or show the world that I'm bold ...
Or more importantly
that I'm a heartless bitch ...

But do not believe
that I'm weak ... I'm bold.
As being weak and caring for others
din't really serve the purpose all these years.

Until recently, I was a girl confused
of the practicalities and unrealistic modes of life.
Fully driven by emotions that screwed me up to the core!

So I decided to change myself.
To transform into something new
that I never knew I could be.

So friends, here is the metamorphosis of a girl ...
I'm a heartless bitch now !!!

... ... ... At least in front of some.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

.... Recap ....

I saw you.
I looked at you.
I looked away.

My heart trembled.
I looked again.
This time, you were staring at me.
I couldn't breathe.
I looked away.

I wanted to come to you.
I wanted to tell you how badly
I loved you all these years.
But when you spoke to me,
all I could ask was 'how are you?'

I had almost lost hope.
That's when you appeared in front of me.
I was on a time machine.
Back to the days I loved the most.

It was an experience.
I knew it.
It is still an experience.
Now I know it!!!