Friday, October 31, 2008


Abc786 : where have u been?
Xyz234 : Sorry, I'm cooking.
Abc786 : Oh..
I miss you.
Xyz234 : tell me..
Abc786 : I think u r busy.
Xyz234 : No.. I will cook later.
I'm sorry.
Abc786 : It's ok..
Xyz234 : I love you
Abc786 : I too love you dear.
Please dont go away from me.
Xyz234 : I will not.. i kept everything aside just for you...
Abc786 : It's becoz I love you dear.
Xyz234 : I know that.. I'm all your's darling.
I love you.
I can't tell you how special you are to me.

Xyz234 : u there???
where r you?
Abc786 : I will catch you later dear..
My wife is upset.
bye... Love you.
Abc786 signed out.
Xyz234 : ??????????????????!!!!

I loved...

I loved winter,
So did he...

I loved flowers,
So did he...

I loved chocolates,
So did he...

I loved books,
So did he...

I loved music,
So did he...

I loved rain,
So did he...

I loved him,
But he din't!!!
Let me dream...
Let me write...
All about you!
That's all I can do now!!!

Nobody knows....

You fight, I fight...
You love, I love...

She fights, he fights..
She loves, he loves..

You fight with your mate..
I fight with my spouse...

She fights with you..
He fights with me..

You love me..
I love You..

She loves someone..
He loves someone..

Then, what is the 'funda' of marriage????!!!
Nobody knows...

'Funda' - An Indian word which means 'Idea'