Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The one song I would listen till I die!!!

For my soulmate.

Ice broken!!!

is a very important day for me.

The ice is finally broken.
Love will not melt.
I want it to stay like that forever.
Like a floating ice berg.

Let it not stand at one place.
Let it move around dancing
with the music of wind.
Let it be like that forever
for next incarnations to come.
Even if appears small,
it's deep and emormous inside.

I feel calm now,
though overwhelmed with emotions.

Finally, the ice is broken!!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mood Swings!!!

Oh!! I just hate this.
When will I get over these mood swings!!!

I feel like a pendulum now.

Here I go...

Left to right..
left to right..
left to right..
left to right..
left to right..
left to right..


Right to left??!!
right to left..
right to left..
right to left..
right to left..

like a pendulum.!!!

Letters from my favourite authors

Dear Lakshmi,

Thank you so much for your lovely mail - it's always so encouraging to get praise directly from readers - especially those who have liked one of my books enough to re-read it, as you have done!
I was also very pleased to hear about your work in Karunalayam, which must have brought you immense satisfaction.
Do read my other books too when you have the time - or wait for the new one which will be out in summer 2009. There will be a launch in London so, if you think you may be able to come up from Harrow, do please email me again in June and I will send you an invitation.
In the meantime, my best wishes to you,

Jaishree Mishra

Dear Lakshmi,

I hope that this message finds you in high spirits, as I was when Ireceived yours. I thank you for your kind words and inspiration.The Warrior of light concentrates on the small miracles of daily life.

Paulo Coelho

*** Ancient Promises by Jayshree Mishra and Paulo Coelho's Brida are my favourite books.


peter ivan said...
got a new term bridaism, i feel we love magic and in each one of us there is a magician

In reply to the comment on Brida...


A great coinage!!!
You are right that
in each one of us
there is a magician.
So hope we work that magic
for the good
of humanity and the world!!!
My magic wand is drawing circles
in the air recently!!!

Hope it creates a big change in my life!!!
and in the lives of people surrounding me.


I'm brida...
Since I read the book
I feel like her...
I live like her...
I think like her...
Is this a Bridasyndrome???!!!
(I really doubt.)
Anyways, I enjoy this hallucination.
Thankx to Paulo for this wonderful work.!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year all..
I wish you all success and happiness this year..
May you achieve all your dreams this year..
I wish you ...
blah blah blah...

Happy 2005!!

I guess, that was my laaaaast new year!!!

I have to admit,
I have not had anymore 'happy' new years!!!

That was my last one.
Rest are just years!!!

And now, it's 2009
One more year, to the list!!!

I wish....

I wish I could turn back and not look into my life..

I wish to elope into the woods...
to blend with nature...
live wild...
with no inhibitions...
like any other animal...

I wish to fly away...
In search of peace...
In search of the eternal truth.

I wish...