Monday, November 3, 2008

Let's part...

Let's part
with no hard feelings...

Let's part
knowing we are not
made for each other...

Let's part
hurting no more...

Let's part
not hating each other...

Let's part
to smile at each other...

Let's part
before I fill this blog
with the hatred for you!!!

So please,
let's part!!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Abc786 : where have u been?
Xyz234 : Sorry, I'm cooking.
Abc786 : Oh..
I miss you.
Xyz234 : tell me..
Abc786 : I think u r busy.
Xyz234 : No.. I will cook later.
I'm sorry.
Abc786 : It's ok..
Xyz234 : I love you
Abc786 : I too love you dear.
Please dont go away from me.
Xyz234 : I will not.. i kept everything aside just for you...
Abc786 : It's becoz I love you dear.
Xyz234 : I know that.. I'm all your's darling.
I love you.
I can't tell you how special you are to me.

Xyz234 : u there???
where r you?
Abc786 : I will catch you later dear..
My wife is upset.
bye... Love you.
Abc786 signed out.
Xyz234 : ??????????????????!!!!

I loved...

I loved winter,
So did he...

I loved flowers,
So did he...

I loved chocolates,
So did he...

I loved books,
So did he...

I loved music,
So did he...

I loved rain,
So did he...

I loved him,
But he din't!!!
Let me dream...
Let me write...
All about you!
That's all I can do now!!!

Nobody knows....

You fight, I fight...
You love, I love...

She fights, he fights..
She loves, he loves..

You fight with your mate..
I fight with my spouse...

She fights with you..
He fights with me..

You love me..
I love You..

She loves someone..
He loves someone..

Then, what is the 'funda' of marriage????!!!
Nobody knows...

'Funda' - An Indian word which means 'Idea'