Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm sick...

I'm sick of not loving you


I'm sick because I'm loving you

so intensely day and night!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

When it snowed......

And it snowed finally...
I stepped out into the lawn
to make a snowman
as everyone did that...
I made a wonderful snowman.
Named it Bob!!!
Dont ask me why?!
Becoz even I dont know!! ;)

He became my best buddy
in a very few hours.
He taught me to make
flying angels on the snow..
He taught me to love the taste of
snow flakes settling on my frozen tongue..
I kissed his cold chubby cheeks..
We talked for hours while
I was polishing him..
I had hell lot of fun until I sneezed!

I had to get inside now.
I was so tired that
I almost forgot about my buddy Bob
for a whole night.

And woke up to see
his head rolled down
with his carrot nose buried in ice
and the red cap with red lights on it,
that I gifted him
no longer glittering as it ran out of batteries.

I looked through the window
while I was making
my first cup of coffee that morning.
Suddenly my vision blurred..
Was it raining??!!!

Oh! Never mind,
It was my tears! (Sighhhhhhh!!!!!)