Monday, May 25, 2009

I feel like writing a million lines about you, but I will not.

You know it all.
Today I discovered... 'I'm beautiful!'

Thanks to you... I felt it after years !


mrniiiceguy said...

you seem to like the twilight :) ... Will it not remain as beautiful as you are ?

It will remain beautiful for ever ...

NB: I accept thanks in the form of cheque, cash, chocolates, icecreams, flowers, r u planning to send me any ?

Srishti Padathiyaar said...

@ mrniiiceguy

Yes, I love the twilight. Check out my new poem titled twilight in my other blog. Hope you will like it.

NB: Well, I'm a jobless,confused student with no bank balance. My posts can be taken as ur gifts if you wish. :)