Thursday, May 28, 2009

I hate the corporate world.
Oh God!
Please don't push me into it.
I have never understood
the agendas, targets,
diplomacy or politics.
I do not wish to understand them.

Let me be happy in my world
where words come alive,
birds play around me,
flowers allure me with it's fragnance,
where dreams come alive
and urge me to write...
I feel the bliss here.
I'm happy here.
Oh God!
Please dont snatch this amazing world from me.


mrniiiceguy said...

looks like u have almost found a job ... now i guess u can buy us chocolates ...

one day u were pushed into this world ... u didnt know what words were ... u hadnt seen any birds before ... nor had anyone given any flowers to you ... now that you like all these ...

As they say its time for you to be ... Good Luck Anyways !!!

A Liberated Soul said...


Srishti Padathiyaar said...

@ mrniiiceguy

Well, I'm still jobless. :)
But has worked for a while, so I hate it. I'm again being prepared n nurtured to face that strange world, I guess. I just hate it!

@ my soul


mrniiiceguy said...

someone told me u r famous ...

Srishti Padathiyaar said...

Well, that someone must have lied to u.. :)

aditya neelambaran said...

me too..i'm happy on my own world.i can relate 2 this poem